Vector sha will own and operates it's own Type 2 located outside Tirana area datacenter providing us complete control over the quality of the hosting service we provide. Vector can host your web site, business application, and mission critical data in our state-of-the-art data center. You will get the highest in reliability and performance with 100% network availability including our redundant gigabit fiber bandwidth connections to the Internet. Please review our data center specifications below and see why our data center will have some of the highest customer ratings in the market.

Vector Datacenter Overview and Specifications

Vector will offer a fully redundant hosting facility that will be located outside of Tirana. Our datacenter will be built from the ground up as a datacenter (ANSI / TIA 942), and will provide a perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. Vector will offer 24/7/365 access to your equipment and staffs an entire team of technical professionals to ensure that your resources are in good hands.

Main Network Specifications and Datacenter Features:

Vector datacenter will build using the TIA-942 datacenter standards and will provide you with a fully redundant hosting solution for your business. Vector will maintains the datacenter with scheduled maintenance on all critical datacenter systems. Vector team has years of experience (since 1992) managing a complex hosting environment for businesses. Our Network is made up of gigabit fiber connections coming from multiple providers to ensure your connection will be always available. Call Vector at ......... with your questions.

-New (2010) data center will be builded confirm to ANSI / TIA 942 DATACENTER STANDARDS
-SAS70 Type 2 Datacenter audited by third party firm
-Customers and clients will have audited and passed HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, SAS-70
-Quality APC datacenter components including racks, cooling, and backup UPS systems
-Data center will be PCI compliant for credit card handling and handling of financial data
-Multiple Physical POEs (points of entry) for fiber inputs into center
-Capacity Planning - No fiber optic link will ever peak at more than 33% of its capacity
-1000 MBPS (GigE) fiber connections for high bandwidth needs
-100 MBPS connections (or better) to Vector's routers and switches from your server is standard
-Instant growth and scalability
-Redundant bandwidth carriers means no single point of provider failure
-BGP4 will be used on border routers to ensure the quickest path between every request
-42 U, 21 U, 14 U, locking cabinets supporting standard 19" mounting rails
-20-amp 120 volt AC circuits, 3-phase 208V circuits available. 60 Amps in each rack
-Custom dedicated hosting, colocation, and managed services available
-We can work with you on creating a disaster recovery plan using trained specialists
-Geographically stable (low disaster occurrence) located outside of Tirana area
-Senior Level system administrators on call 24/7/365 with emergency phone numbers

Datacenter Power System Specifications:

The datacenter electrical power system contains fully redundant uninterruptible power systems (UPS) with diesel backup generators. Vector will have regular scheduled maintenance checks on all power systems to ensure they will work when they are needed. You can trust Vector's power system because we have proven the success of our previows infrastructure projects with zero failures.

-Redundant APC UPS's - uninterruptible power supply batteries, powers equipment during generator startup
-Diesel generator - Hospital-grade diesel generators provide for all datacenter operations
-Dense high capacity circuit distribution to prevent circuit failures or load issues
-120 VAC and 220 VAC (single and three phase power availability) - 60 amps possible in each rack
-24/7 Electrical circuit load monitoring and management by trained professionals
-N+1 Power Redundancy on all systems. No single point of failures possible
-APC valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries providing backup at full load
-Generator backup - 24 hours of on-site fuel plus emergency refueling service to resupply in an emergency
-Uninterrupted transfer of power using high capacity UPS and Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
-Transfer of power is completely automatic and transparent in the event of an outage
-Regularly scheduled maintenance with certified power generator contractors
-24/7/365 monitoring of generator systems at Network Operations Center - NOC

Fire Detection and Suppression System Specifications:

The Vector data center will be protected by dual fire protection systems. Vector will maintain both FM200 water-less fire suppression and Fike dry pipe pre-action fire protection systems, thus allowing Vector to offer the best available fire protection in existence today. Vector will also placed the entire data center inside of a fire protected area to prevent fire from entering the center from an outside source. Careful planning and high end equipment ensures that your expensive investment is safe with NetSource.

-Full fire detection systems installed above and below all racks in datacenter to quickly address issues
-Photoelectric early warning smoke detectors installed for early warnings
-Heat detection warning systems act as secondary system to smoke detectors
-FM-200 fire suppression system - safe gas based fire removal system addressing issues
-Dual interlock pre-action dry pipe fire suppression systems for added protection
-Water held outside critical equipment areas and is not directly above equipment
-Fail-safe alarm system to prevent false discharge or tampering of system when armed
-Server room has been fire-protected on all 4 walls to prevent fire creep from outside source
-Zone-specific discharge of pre-action systems to limit negative effect of a discharge


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