As your business grows, so does your dependency on reliable access to real-time information and online business applications. The Vector Dedicated Internet Access service offers incredibly fast, reliable and cost-effective Internet access for your business.

The Vector commitment to quality and service sets the standard for business Internet connectivity. Vector offers Dedicated Internet Access options available in a wide range of speeds and access methods. Combine this flexibility with features like a redundant and scalable infrastructure, DNS resolution with 24-hour monitoring and support, a IP backbone and high-bandwidth transport services, and you’ve got everything your business needs to deliver a quality Web experience to customers, employees and business partners.

Dedicated Internet Service Details

-Ultimate flexibility to choose the bandwidth that fits your needs, from 1.5 Mbps to OC-48, as well as Fast Ethernet and Gigabit --Ethernet with both full-port and fractional throughputs.
-Access to fit your business with on-net and off-net access available for various circuit speeds and technologies.
-Choose standalone Internet service or add it to other Vector data communication services.
-Authoritative domain name service and caching for your primary and secondary domains are included at no additional charge.

Dedicated Internet Benefits

-High-speed, high-quality, high-capacity Internet service across Tirana and Albania.
-Redundant, self-healing IP architecture design offers premium performance to support critical business communications.
-End-to-end reliability on our privately owned and managed fiber infrastructure, which enables proactive capacity monitoring and problem resolution.

Extended On-Net Rural Access

The power and agility of rural access just got more accessible. While other network providers often overlook secondary markets or rely on costly off-net circuits, Vector Extended On-Net service delivers flexible, affordable, powerful coverage directly to underserved and rural markets.

Our Rural Extended On-Net service is designed to help you address high cost and low availability by enabling access to multiple additional transmission sites along our network. Our full suite of innovative services — which includes voice, data and Internet — is already available at 84 locations nationwide. Plus, you can access our dedicated team of network architects to collaborate on the best solution for your business.

Extended On-Net Service Details

-Rural network services include private line, Ethernet private line and waves.
-Access and backhauls include Level 3 High Speed IP, Dedicated Internet Access, VPN and Voice services.
-Options for unprotected and protected service are also available.

Extended On-Net Service Benefits

-Enjoy direct, on-net access to carrier-class products and services typically available only in larger markets — and do it with flexible configurations to fit the needs of your growing business.
-Gain access to 84 nationwide access points in markets typically dominated by single providers.
-Decrease costs by bringing the Level 3 Network closer to underserved markets; savings can increase as your traffic grows.
-Enable quick, efficient network expansion by reducing the number of carriers involved in establishing a true end-to-end solution.

High Speed IP

Thanks to Vector High Speed IP service, steadily increasing demands on your Internet bandwidth do not have to slow you down. With a complete range of port interface speeds, multiple access and billing options, and online performance reporting, our High Speed IP service combines scalability, reach and reliability. We provide you with a fault-tolerant network and your end user with a superior online experience.

As a wholesale high-speed provider, Vector designed this service to meet the needs of the largest consumers of Internet bandwidth. Our High Speed IP offering gives you access to one of the largest, most connected IP backbones across Albania and Europe.

High Speed IP Service Details

-Multiple-port interface options for Ethernet and TDM.
-Flexible rates regardless of usage, aggregate CDR across multiple ports or a set amount of bandwidth per port.
-Broad availability throughout the U.S. and Europe with multiple transport options that are available to extend High Speed IP service.

High Speed IP Service Benefits

-With access of up to 10 GigE at our edge servers, you can take advantage of unparalleled scalability, lower costs and simpler management.
-Get the fastest route to the most important Internet destinations.
-We deliver a superior Internet experience, which translates into happier end-users for you.

Private Line Services

When a dedicated circuit that provides an end-to-end solution is the right choice for your business, the Vector Private Line service offers a secure, dedicated service with the flexibility required for your most sensitive traffic. Our comprehensive portfolio of services is designed to enable real-time communications and the seamless transfer of data and information to those in your organization who need it most. Our SONET based architecture enables high availability, and low latency and jitter.

Our expansive metro footprint, combined with our long-haul reach, enables you to extend your network locally, regionally, nationally, and globally with a single provider. Our continuously growing network interconnections include key high-bandwidth sites, enterprise locations, Central Offices, major peering and traffic exchange sites, and cable landing and teleport sites, as well as locations for cable, wireless, federal, voice and Internet service providers.

Vector Private Line Service Features

-Speeds: DS-1, DS-3, OC-3, OC-12, OC-48, and OC-192, STM-1, STM-4, STM-16, STM-64, and E1s
-Point-to-Point, Hub and End Link, or Private Dedicated
-Ring configurations
-Fully mirrored, 24 x 7 Network Operations Centers
-(NOCs) and a fully staffed Field Operations group in each market
-99.999% network availability

Vector Private Line Service Benefits

-Security - As a Layer 1 service, our Private Line service offers unmatched privacy and security for the most sensitive traffic
-Reliability - Level 3 Private Line architecture provides diverse paths for transport and immediate restoration in the event of an outage
-Accessibility - Our Private Line services can be delivered worldwide, between cities or across town, both on-net or off-net through our extensive partnerships with other providers
-Flexibility - Private Line services are protocol independent and can carry voice, data, video and Layer 2 or Layer 3 traffic



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