Vector will provide colocation services to Tirana and the Tirana suburbs. Vector's colocation service provides your company with rack space, power, bandwidth, and security. You provide the hardware and can install a server architecture that meets your exact needs. You get a top-notch network, an enterprise class data center, and redundant high performance Internet connections. You also get an experienced staff working with you to configure or manage your colocation solution when help is needed. You can lease advanced managed services with colocation including firewalls, data backups, and other advanced managed services.

About Our Colocation Space, Power, Bandwidth, and Managed Services

Vector provides mission-critical colocation services to businesses in the Tirana area. Vector will charge for our colocation services based on your space, power, bandwidth, and managed service requirements. Our sales representative will provide you with detailed information on each of these colocation parameters in order to help you understand our hosting services.

Overview Of Rack Space For Colocation

Vector sells rack space by the U (1,2,3U...), or by the 1/3 rack (14U), 1/2 rack (21U), or Full Rack (42U) configuration. This provides our customers with many different options when selecting a colocation/exchange package. If you purchase space by the U, you will have 24/7 escorted access to your hardware. When you purchase a 1/3, 1/2 or Full rack, you get 24/7 unescorted access via a security key card and access code. Vector will be the only exchange/colocation provider that offers our clients unique 1/3 and 1/2 combination racks if you don't need an entire full rack, but still want your own locked space. Our datacenter is under strict security with 24/7/365 video surveillance.
Vector uses standard 19" racks that fit most standard rails. If you don't have rails we can provide a shelf for a small monthly fee. Vector will go over the datacenter rules with each customer before they move in to ensure the safety and security of our center.

Overview Of Power For Colocation

Vector provides your PDU and UPS systems when you colocate your equipment with us. Vector uses datacenter grade APC equipment throughout the facility because it offers a high reliability infrastructure. Vector offers 20 Amp circuits in both 120V and 220V depending on what power feed your equipment needs. Each of Vector's full racks can handle up to 60 Amps (3 x 20 Amp Circuits) with A/B redundancy when needed. This flexibility allows you to grow into your rack and add power as you need it. You can also purchase power by the single Amp with Vector if you have smaller configurations.
If you have questions about the type of power your equipment uses please feel free to contact Vector and we will be happy to discuss your colocation power needs with you. We have options like remote reboot PDUs if you have specific needs.

Overview Of Bandwidth For Colocation

Vector has fully redundant Gigabit (1000 mbps) connections to the Internet. We use multiple Internet providers and have unique physical exit points out of the building to ensure that there is no single point of failure. Vector has the capability to add almost unlimited bandwidth as we expand our business. Vector will assure low latency bandwidth and we will never have saturate our lines like many providers do. Vector lets our clients burst to 100 mbps but can limit this or increase this if a customer wants better control of their bandwidth. Our network is BGP routed and our backup lines automatically re-route in case of a failure on one of the lines.

Overview Of Managed Hosting Services

Vector offers a complete line of managed services that you can add to most colocation or dedicated hosting plans. These services could include managed firewalls, data backup solutions, web server monitoring, OS patch updates, virus monitoring, and much more. Vector has a full team of network engineers on staff that have working knowledge of both the Windows, Solaris, Unix and Linux environments. While some of our colocation customers do all of their own management, Vector provides managed services for many of our business clients. Vector team has years of experience in managing a hosting environment and will always be happy to provide an answer to any questions you might have.
All of Vector's colocation and dedicated hosting plans come with free standard managed services. We also offer a fully managed solution as well as an ala carte menu of managed services. NetSource can also custom engineer a solution for your company.


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