Hard Patched Transit Service (Bridging Boundaries) TOP

Service Description

Hard patched transit will provide international operators with connectivity using Vector's cross border terrestrial network. This  service meets the need for end-to-end, secured transmissions between geographically dispersed locations. Transport is over the advanced STC fiber DWDM self-healing ring networks, spanning undreeds of kilometers nationwide, and enabling:

- The provision of transmission capacities for data to neighboring operators and international carriers through Vector’s domestic backhaul network.
- International carriers to interconnect with submarine cables or border crossings within Vector’s network.
- Speeds of E1, E3/DS3, STM-1, STM-4, STM-16, and STM-64.

Hard Patched Connectivity

Vector’s terrestrial network is connected internationally through 4 border connections:
- Montenegro
- Greece
- Italy

Customer Benefits

-Extended Access
-Access to major submarine cables and to all it's neighboring countries overcoming geographical boundaries

Cost Efficiency
-Clients relieved from large capital investments and operational burdens
-Pay-as-you-grow for required bandwidth only

-Large capacities available for immediate connectivity, with easy migration to higher bandwidth

Reliability and Support
-Exceptional reliability and availability
-Proactive monitoring and management

International Capacity Service (Capacity Anywhere) TOP

Service Description

Vector International Capacity Solutions will provide global connectivity and extended reach overcoming geographical boundaries. Vector will provide international capacities primarily over submarine cable systems as well as terrestrial FO network facilities.

Terrestrial Capacity - International Neighboring Countries

Vector Wholesale terrestrial network will be interconnected internationally through three border connections: Montenegro, FYROM and Greece. Vector’s terrestrial network is designed with the newest optical networks for speed and reliability and currently spans hundreeds of kilometers nationwide. Transmission speeds up to multi-gigabit services will include STM-1 (155Mbps), STM-4 (622Mbps), and STM-16 (2.5Gbps).

Submarine Cable Capacity - International to Italy

Vector Wholesale submarine capacity will covers a FO cable system in the region Jonian-Adriatic region, with landing stations in Italy providing excellent diversity.
Termination equipments are fully redundant with an overall system outage of less than five minutes per year.
The system is designed amongst the most economical cable system in the region built with latest state-of-the-art technology.

Customer Benefits

Extended Reach
-On-stop-shop multi solutions agreement
-Worldwide access via major submarines cables
-Regional access via direct terrestrial fiber links

Scalability and Reliability
-Any point to any point connectivity
-Route diversity
-Short-time delivery of large range of capacities
-24x7x365 network monitoring and management

Cost Efficiency
-Flexible payment terms and QoS
-Relief from large capital spending of laying submarine cable and operational cost

International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) TOP

Service Description

International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) is a reliable, point-to-point network service for carriers and service providers. The IPLC solution will support a wide range of bandwidth options and interfaces, from E-1to STM-64.

IPLC solutions will provide high quality, cost-effective and efficient communications in a secure private network.

Vector will offer protected and unprotected service and diversity options provisioned over a facilities-based network with extensive reach.Speeds will varying from anywwehre from 256 KBps up to 45 Mbps.

Half Circuit Service

Vector will give the customer increased flexibility as Vector installs and coordinates one half of the circuit.

One-Stop Shop (OSS) Full Circuit Service

Vector coordinates for both Half Circuits and provides the customer with an end-to-end solution. The customer benefit from working with one supplier for a single order, installation and management.

Customer Benefits

Extended Reach & Flexibility
-Flexibility through seamless connectivity over international submarine & terrestrial fibre cable systems and satellite networks, enabling the customers to build their international connectivity and operate confidently, supported by our technical teams.

Scalability and Reliability
-Route diversity – no single point of failure
-Short-time delivery of large range of capacities
-24x7x365 network monitoring and management

Cost Efficiency
-Relief from large capital spending of laying submarine cable and operational cost

Internet Transit Service (W3 Highway) TOP

Service Description

Vector Wholesale Internet transit service will provide high performance international as well as regional IP transit via Vector internet Exchange nodes world wide. Vector Internet network will have extensive connectivity with internet access points ,and various peering arrangements with major carriers and backbone providers.

Internet Transit will provide connectivity to global Internet through highly resilient and scalable network backbone. The service will provide the shortest path to the region through extensive regional coverage, IP routing is optimized, so that regional traffic stays within the region.

Speeds typically will range from DS3/E3 to Gigabit speeds. Vector Internet network will be fully diversified and scalable.

Customer Benefits

-Scalable, with dedicated connections to the global Internet.
-Shortest internet path to the region

Cost Efficiency
-Clients relieved from upfront capital cost.

-High performance, fault tolerant resilient backbone with diverse East and West routing

MPLS IP-VPN Service (Future Today) TOP

Service Description

MPLS IP-VPN will provide end-to-end connectivity and allows intranet, extranet and remote access capabilities. Vector will provide national and international MPLS network connectivity for clients in Albania, Balcans as well as in other foreign countries.

Vector MPLS Network

Vector MPLS will offer varying levels of access to Vector’s MPLS network which will have the capability to deliver voice, data and video traffic using QoS/CoS to other locations. Vector’s National MPLS will offer wide geographic coverage nationally and internationally. International connectivity will be enhanced thought key partnerships with top tire carries.

Vector’s advanced MPLS network will consist of the terabit capacity edge and core routers, full mesh redundant ultra high bandwidth links.

MPLS has become the de-facto standard for site-to-site over virtual private networks (VPNs) worldwide. By choosing an appropriate QoS/CoS, a customer can prioritize its applications to ensure optimum performance. MPLS service will provide flexible any-to-any connectivity with transmission speeds selected by Vector customers. This service will provide private connectivity– for example:

-Intranet: for interconnecting company sites across international boundaries.
-Extranet: for interconnecting and sharing resources for B-2-B or B-2-C across international boundaries.
-Remote Access: to allow telecommuters to access corporate resources across international boundaries.
-LAN-2-LAN connectivity, IP based Storage Area Networking, Transaction Processing networks etc.

Speeds typically range from 256Kbps to 155 Mbps and scalable to Gigabit speeds.

Service Benefits

Highly Flexible and Future Proof Network
-A typical MPLS network physical connectivity shows links between Customer Edge (CE), Service Provider Edge (PE) and Service --Provider Core (P) routers as implemented through this architecture.

High Performance, Reliability and Security
-The inherent MPLS CoS based QoS provides performance, reliability and security of leased-line but with scalability, flexibility and future- proofing of IP-VPN network.
-Security features such as encryption using IPSec standards can be provided as well.

Cost Savings

-Cost savings, as point-to-point connectivity between sites no longer needed and comprehensive manageability for scalability and redundancy is provided.


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